Product description

Backstage management system mainly manages charging pile and monitors vehicle battery information. It is mainly applied to large, medium and small electrical vehicle charging station, various public places, parking areas in residential quarters, for the convenience of getting electricity by electric vehicles; electric vehicle sites with chargers, such as electric forklift, etc.

Functional Description

◆ Real-time monitoring

◆ Park management

◆ Card business management

◆ Management of charging pile

◆ Real-time monitoring

◆ History records (consumption and rechargeable records)

◆ Data completeness maintenance

Technical Specifications

Backstage management system adopts C/S mode management strategy, and adopts VS programming development to realize resume and data management of database with SQL Server and solve the application problem of user efficiently and conveniently.

Backstage management system provides friendly man-machine interface and data management mode for the convenience of operation, monitoring, management and data storage by operator. Easy manipulation, high real time, high safety and high stability can guarantee uninterrupted operation of the system for 7X24 hours.  

Development environment: vs2010 + Sql Sever2008

Operating environment:  

Client machine: Windows XP/7    

Server: windows Server 2003/2008


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