Product description

According to different urban planning, based on different charging demands of bus, taxi, residential area, enterprises, institutions, and stereo garage, customized construction of centralized charging station needs to adopt different charging devices and charging strategies to meet all-round charging of various vehicles to the greatest extent.

Functional Description

◆ Real-time monitoring

◆ Park management

◆ Card business management

◆ Charging pile management

◆ Real-time monitoring

◆ History record (consumption and rechargeable records)

◆ Data completeness maintenance

Technical Specifications

◆ Charging terminal has many different forms such as wall-mounted and 

   vertical to meet the construction of overground/underground different 


◆ As required by the user, select to adopt scanning charging, swiping card 

   charging, centralized control of dispatching room and other schemes to 

   realize unattended operation.                        

◆ Adopt charger dual-charging technology and power module sharing 

   technology to realize multi-vehicle group charging, solve charging 

   compatibility problem of different vehicles, and efficiently improve the 

   utilization rate of power module.


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