Product description

The series connectors are designed in accordance with the latest international GB/T20234-2015. Connector terminal adopts DSN high current resistant torsional spring terminal technology with service life of 10,000 plugging times to meet different charging modes including fast charging and slow charging. It conforms to the state-specified dustproof and waterproof level, with safe and reliable operation.

Functional Description

◆ With beautiful appearance, handheld design conforms to the principle 

   of ergonomics, for the convenience of insertion and extraction.

◆ Contact pin head adopts safety insulation design to prevent accidental 

   direct contact of hand.      

◆ Excellent protection performance. After connection with the attached 

   protection device, protection grade of power supply plug reaches IP55 

   (working condition)                                

◆ With electronic lock function                                                    

◆ Mechanical life: Insertion and extraction number without load ≥10,000 


◆ Operating ambient temperature: -30℃~+50℃

Technical Specifications

◆ Rated operational current: 10A/16A/32Aor 63A

◆ Working voltage: 250/440V

◆ Insulation resistance: >1000mΩ(DC500V)

◆ Terminal temperature rise: ≤50k

◆ Withstand voltage: 2,500V

◆ Contact resistance: 0.5Ω Max

◆ Housing material: Thermoplastic high strength plastic

◆ Contact pin: Copper alloy, surface silver plating + thermoplastic materials 

   at the top


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