Product description

The series chargers are widely applied to cycle charging of electric vehicles, electric forklift, golf cart electric sightseeing bus, electric pleasure-boat, electric cleaner, electric sweeping machine, UPS, solar power generation, wind power generation and electric power communication railway system.

Functional Description

Applicable to lithium battery such as lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate;Complete machine has the features such as light weight, small volume, stable charging, high efficiency, safe and reliable. Capable of floating charge/equalized charging automatic switchover, with battery feedback, output short circuit, output overload and other protection functions.

Technical Specifications

◆ Rated input voltage: AC85V~AC265V

◆ Rated power: 45~65HZ

◆ Power factor: ≥ 0.98

◆ Full-load efficiency: ≥93%

◆ Mechanical shock and seismic intensity: Conform to SAEJ1378 


◆ Protection grade: IP46

◆ Operating temperature: -40℃-55℃

◆ Storage temperature: -40℃-100℃

◆ Charging control: Control by CAN bus


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