Product description

High-frequency switch power supply charger adopts international advanced “voltage dual-loop resonance soft switch technology” and combines with DSP control, with excellent features such as high efficiency, small volume and light weight. Front end is equipped with source PFC module, with the features such as small volume, high efficiency, natural (air cooling) cooling, low operation noise, and little pollution to power grid. It is suitable for a certain capacity configuration DC system which is composed by   co-manufacturer through components, and applicable to electric operation power system (including power plant, hydropower station, various transformer substations, electric motorcycles and the sites needing DC power supply) and communication power supply system to meet functional requirements including charging for daily maintenance of storage battery, divide-shut brake of operating mechanism, control protection, accident lighting and communication.

Functional Description

◆ Adopt three-phase active power factor correction circuit, power factory 

   can reach 0.99

◆ Adopt isolated independent digital average current, parallel machine 

   uneven current<±3%, guarantee good parallel of more than 20 modules.

◆ Module with CAN2.0 interface, digital display keyboard operation, 

   friendly man-machine interface, with communication, data display, data 

   calibration, even and float charging conversion, overcurrent and failure 

   warning functions.

Technical Specifications

◆ Rated input voltage: AC380V

◆ Rated output voltage/current: for details, refer to module information list

◆ Operating efficiency: ≥93%

◆ Stabilized voltage precision: ≤±0.5%

◆ Stabilized current precision: ≤±1%

◆ Operating ambient temperature: -20℃~50℃

◆ With overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overheat, short circuit, 

   electrical surge, output reverse connection protections, etc.

◆ Parallel machine uneven current: ≤±3%

◆ Harmonic current: ≤5%

◆ Full-load power factor: ≥0.996

◆ Three Proofings: moisture proof, anti-mildew, and anti-salt fog

◆ Noise requirements: noise not more than 45dB

◆ Antirust (anti-oxidation) protection, resistance to abnormal heat and fire

◆ Leakage current: less than 3.5mA

◆ Insulation resistance: not less than 50Mohm

◆ 4 remote function


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