Product description

◆ Adopt split design, independent bearing and installation of charger, 

   separate heat dissipation, good environmental suitability

◆ Wonderful external pile dust proof and water proof performance, totally 

   enclosed design, beautiful structure design with creativity

◆ Superwide voltage, support charging of passenger car, bus and other 


Functional Description

◆ IC card identity recognition and charging trading: Read information in IC 

   card, identify user status and relevant information for electric quantity 

   transaction of charging.

◆ Rapid charging function: Large current charging for quick charge battery 

 to realize quick charge

◆ Battery information acquisition function: Detect battery operation 

   situation effectively, and test battery to timely and efficiently discover 

   the battery failures.

◆ Metering and billing management: Built-in AC electric meter acquires 

   real-time rechargeable battery information, and realizes billing 

   according to the billing strategy.

◆ Communication function: Connect with superior monitoring 

   management system through Ethernet port and Can port to upload the 

   information including transaction, charging and failure events.

◆ Expenses collection: Collect charging cost, read and write balance 

   information in IC card

◆ Customize special functions according to the user’s demands

Technical Specifications

◆ Input voltage: AC380V

◆ Output voltage: DC 300-700V

◆ Output current: 0~250A

◆ Measurement of electric quantity for charging, accurate to 0.01kWh

◆ Stabilized voltage precision:≤0.5%

◆ Stabilized current precision: ≤1%

◆ Operating ambient temperature: -20℃~50℃

◆ With overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overheat, short circuit, 

   electrical surge, output reverse connection protections, etc.

◆ Termination indication: Full, deficient electric quantity balance in card, 

   power failure

◆ Status indicator lamp

◆ Emergency stop function

◆ Protection grade: IP55, use outdoor environment without shelter

◆ Three Proofings: moisture proof, anti-mildew, and anti-salt fog

◆ Noise requirements: noise not more than 60dB

◆ Antirust (anti-oxidation) protection, resistance to abnormal heat and fire

◆ Leakage current: DC leakage current over the ground less than 3.5mA


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