Product description

◆ Multiple installation mode, meet operation and management demands; 

   all-round protection function, ultrahigh cost performance.

◆ Fashionable and simple, easy installation. Applicable to all kinds of sites, 

   widely applied.

◆ High-frequency switching power supply, and microcomputer monitoring 


◆ Voltage dual-loop resonance soft switch technology, combine with DSP 

   control mode, strong reliability.

◆ Human-computer interface (provide Chinese/English interface), 

   implement system parameter inquiry and setting by clicking on touch 

   screen, simple and convenient operation.

◆ Adopt intelligentized operation and management, multiple protection.

◆ Automatically complete accurate management of battery charging 

   voltage and current to ensure current operation in the best state, and 

   prolong the service life of battery pack.

Functional Description

◆ Reserving charging mode

◆ Billing of charging card 

◆ Parameter display 

◆ High-definition touch screen

◆ LED indicator light 

◆ Embedded printer 

◆ Intelligent voice system

◆ Ammeter metering   

◆ Control guidance function  

◆ Locking device  

◆ Electric leakage protection     

◆ Battery monitoring

◆ Input/output short-circuit protection

◆ Anti-reverse connection protection

Technical Specifications

◆ Rated input voltage: AC220V±15%

◆ Rated output voltage: DC450V

◆ Rated output current: 32A

◆ Recommended inlet wire model: ZR-YJV-3*6

◆ Protection grade: IP54

◆ Auxiliary power supply voltage: +12V

◆ Stabilized voltage precision: ≤±0.5%

◆ Stabilized current precision: ≤±1%

◆ Harmonic current: ≤5%

◆ Efficiency: ≥93%

◆ Full-load power factor: 0.99

◆ Automatic current limiting feature: when output current exceeds the set 

   value of output current limit, constant current output, output current will 

   not increase.

◆ Start-up delay: 3S-8S

◆ Insulation resistance: ≥10MΩ

◆ Dielectric strength: Output over the ground, input over the ground, apply 

   2.5KVAC input to output, without flashover or electric arcing within 1min.

◆ Relative humidity: ≤90%

◆ Elevation: ≤2,000m

◆ Seismic intensity: ≤7 degrees

◆ Environment temperature: -20℃~50℃

◆ Audible noise: Air cooling ≤65dB (1m away from cabinet)


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