DC Charging Pile Technical Response Support


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Standard Answers


Display screen not bright

1. Open the cabinet door of charging pile, and check whether power cord and communication line at the back of display screen is loosened, plug them tightly. In addition, check whether the plug-in terminals of all connecting wires on mainboard are loosened, without falling off or loose phenomenon

2. Mainboard system of control loop is not electrified. Check three-phase power line of connecting device is connected or electrified.

3. Open cabinet door, and check whether internal control switch is closed. Close it, if it is in disconnection state.



Swiping card without response

1. Charging card may not be recharged, opened, or deficient in balance. Contact with responsible person of relevant company, recharge it or issue card again.

2. Open cabinet door, check whether USB interface at card reader end is loosened, and whether USB at connection end of control mainboard is loosened, plug it firmly again.

3. Inspect whether red emergency stop button is pressed. If pressed, rotate it clockwise on the right, and keep open state.



Alarm sound after power transmission, failure light yellow light on

1. Find out recent alarm failure type through historical fault query button at lower right corner of display screen, such as communication failure of A ammeter.

2. Disposal method of ammeter communication failure: through seeing code at the side of ammeter or operation button on the surface of ammeter, scroll down to see IP address of ammeter, record it, and return to operation panel of display screen. Click on upper left corner of display screen and then enter administrator password (consult relevant contact person for password), enter into setting interface, see the address of A ammeter, record it after corresponding to previous address, keep it and return.  

3. If there is network failure, explain that device is network version. Record network failure in failure records, see network line and middle conversion device. Charging pile restores by itself, after trouble shooting.


Current rises during charging, but skip to the ending picture quickly.

1. Enter administrator password after clicking on upper left of display screen, enter setting interface, see whether current, voltage and other parameter settings conform to technical requirements of the vehicle to be charged, otherwise, save and exit after modifying parameters.

2. If there is still problem, parameters of charging module mismatch with vehicles, contact with company and confirm.


Normal charging, but no charging after a period.

1. Check whether temperature in pile is overhigh, and whether the vent of charging pile is blocked to influence the heat dissipation of temperature.

2. Check whether cooling fan runs normally, and fan has inversion phenomenon.


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