AC Charging Pile Technical Response Support


Fault Phenomenon

Cause Analysis and Elimination Methods

Charging pile not started, display screen not bright, LED light not on

AC bus may fall off, check the connection of AC bus. Connect it again, but prohibit operation by non-professionals.

Emergency stop switch may not be rotated, need to rotate emergency stop switch clockwise.

Auxiliary power supply may be damaged, inspect the electrification situation of internal 12V. If AC is normal but without 12V voltage, auxiliary power supply is damaged. Our company’s personnel shall replace it on the spot. Prohibit operation by non-professionals.

AC breaker may be not closed. Close AC breaker. Check whether there is leakage or other failure. Close it again if there is no leakage or other failure. Prohibit operation by non-professionals.

LED light on, display screen not bright

Power cord of display screen may fall off or display screen is damaged, contact with our company’s personnel to restore it on the spot.

Card reading action may be unidentified, which caused failure to wake up the system. Read card again or contact with our company’s personnel to check card reading problem on the spot.

Charging interrupt

There may be the connection problem of CP signal line, and check whether charging spearhead is plugged in normally.

User’s card balance may be too low, please recharge it at the operation department.

Vehicle my be fully charged, or there may be vehicle BMS failure. For BMS failure, please contact with vehicle production service provider.

Failure to swipe card or swiping card insensitive

Please restart system.

Check whether USB serial port of card reader of mainboard is connected reliably.

Align at card reading area, swipe card again.

Failure to display charging volume correctly

Start system again.

Check whether communication interface of electric energy meter is connected reliably.

After the abovementioned treatment, failure still exists, please contact with after-sales personnel of Engineering Technology Department of our company!

Notes: This Maintenance Manual only aims at professionals with certain electrical equipment maintenance skills. During maintenance, open door panel protection of pile for live detection.

Particularly: Maintenance staff of other companies shall not repair it without authorization to prevent electric shock. All the consequences arising from maintenance by other charging pile manufacturers are at your own risk!


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