Household Electric Vehicle AC Charging Pile


How to popularize household charging pile for civil use on a large scale and make automobile charging as convenient as mobile charging is an important key problem to rapidly popularize electric vehicles to common people. This product can be widely applied to development of real estate, overground and underground garages of various communities, suitable for power battery system of various kinds of international new energy automobiles, and meet charging needs of household new energy electric vehicles. It conforms to GB/T 20234.2-2011 requirements, monitor real-time charging connection status, and has running LED lamp multiple combination for the convenience of defining the charging stage timely, controlling accuracy, flexibility and agility to realize automation and intellectualization. With sound and light alarm system, it has all-round protection function to ensure safe charging.

This product has been applied to Hefei Zhonghai Linghushu, Liyang Yaju, Greenland George Manor and Hailiang Jiuxi projects.


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