New Energy Forklift Integrated Large Power Charger


Electric forklift is electrically driven. Compared with diesel fork lift truck, it has the advantages such as pollution free, easy to operate, energy-saving and high-efficiency. With the development of economy and the improvement of environmental protection and energy-saving requirements, electric forklifts develop rapidly. Market sales volume rises gradually year by year. Especially in port, storage, tobacco, food and light textile industries, electric forklift is gradually replacing diesel fork lift truck. The charger is especially designed for electric forklift. In combination with intelligent charger technology, even and float charging automatic intelligent conversion, it aims at prolonging the service life of batteries and fully charging for battery timely to realize full-automatic charging process of constant current, pulse, constant voltage, float charging and shutdown, so it is an ideal charging tool of electric forklift.

    This project has been applied to Hefei Heli Forklift Factory and Jianghuai New Energy Workshop, etc.


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